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Technologie GmbH

Hans-Elbe-Straße 11
D-97461 Hofheim 

Phone: 0049 9523 95420


We work together with joy. We develop, inspire each other and are thus successful.


Values and Knowledge Work

"The driving force is his joy that the company is growing because those who work there grow as people." 

Ruth Nicklas about her husband Georg Nicklas


We are a community of knowledge workers in which the human being is always at the centre. Everyone is encouraged and makes an important contribution to success. Flat hierarchies give employees enough room to contribute their passion and their individual strengths and abilities and develop them further. 

We trust that our employees show initiative in getting involved with both heart and mind, hence enriching the organization. In doing so, customer delight, sustainability, innovation, reliability, personal responsibility, respect, communication and passion are just some of our values which shape and constantly improve our collaboration.





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Passionate dedication



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