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Hidden champion in the Main-Franconia economic region


Table Tennis

Table Tennis, Innovation, Passion

Table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world and is the foundation of our work. Many of our employees are active or former table tennis players. Their enthusiasm for the work is rooted in their shared passion for the sport. And this is how we manage not only to satisfy our customers, but also to consistently delight them.

Our employees also united by the common ambition to create something special. We want to produce the best table tennis rubbers in the world and this vision requires a lot of creativity, perseverance and experience. A major advantage is that we can use our extensive table tennis knowledge to develop new product ideas.

Award-winning company


Beyond the borders of Lower Franconia, we have long been regarded as a "Hidden Champion", because as a medium-sized company we have managed to become the world market leader in a niche market. In 2013, we were BAVARIA'S BEST 50 laureates.

The Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Media, Energy and Technology thus honours the 50 most successful medium-sized companies annually, which purposefully track new opportunities for growth and employment and make consistent use of them.





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