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R&GN Family Foundation takes over all GmbH shares from Georg Nicklas

In the course of the long-term planning of the ownership of our company, an important decision has been made after 3 years of planning. In December 2020, the "Ruth & Georg Nicklas Familienstiftung" (R&GNF), based in Hamburg, was founded and 100% of ESN's company shares were transferred to the foundation. ESN will thus operate in the long term as a family business with the goals and values of the owner family Nicklas. In accordance with the articles of association, the company will continue to be run by its supervisory board together with the management. Currently, Georg and Jonas Nicklas serve as representatives of the family on the Supervisory Board. Dieter Schmid is the chairman of the board, Jürgen Gohl and Ralf Schreiner are the other members. As is well known, the management of ESN is in the hands of Hans Persson and Thomas Säger. The R&GN Family Foundation is managed by a board of directors. In addition to the chairman Georg Nicklas, Ruth and Jonas Nicklas as well as Annika Lüchow are represented on the board. ESN thus remains independent, financially strong, ambitious and long-term oriented, focused on technology, employee and customer benefits, as well as sustainability and the common good. We want to remain a fantastic company.


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