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New start-up "Spinsight" wants to revolutionize training

In many sports, the possibilities offered by digital data and modern technology are already being used to the full. In table tennis, however, there is still room for improvement. A fact that the new start-up "Spinsight ESN Digital" wants to change! The company, which is part of the ESN Technology Group and is celebrating its "launch" today, wants to help players and coaches make their training more effective - and thus revolutionize it.


The word "Insight", which is hidden in the company name of the new start-up, is program at "Spinsight". The idea is to enable players to gain new insights into their own game by means of live digital measurement of ball movements, which cannot be objectively captured by the naked eye. Furthermore, it shows the player and coach which adjustments still need to be made. Or as Benjamin Braun, COO of Spinsight, describes it: "If you don't know exactly how you're playing, how are you going to improve your game? We believe in the high value of data and want to make it useful to the player."


To that end, ESN, the major rubber producer from Hofheim in Lower Franconia, Germany, has formed a new, independent company that is celebrating its brand launch today. CEO Hans Persson describes the move this way, "With Spinsight ESN Digital, a separate company has been established within the ESN Technology Group to elevate the table tennis experience to new digital dimensions and further develop the future of our sport."


"With Spinsight, you can measure all the important parameters that make up the quality of a stroke precisely and in real time: spin, speed, placement and height over the net and table," explains Hermann Mühlbach, second division player at TV Hilpoltstein and Senior Expert Digital Training at Spinsight. "This opens up a new dimension of training that helps players reach their full performance potential faster." The digitization of the game is designed to help better understand how which movement affects the behavior of the ball and makes the consequences of the smallest adjustments immediately visible directly from the data. This makes it possible to train in a goal-oriented manner, to make one's own progress measurable and to compare oneself with other players.


Initially, the technology will be applied in the high-performance area. However, the vision of the Lower Franconian start-up explicitly includes all table tennis players - from the Bundesliga to the Kreisklasse. Spinsight would like to make its digital training accessible to everyone in the future, which could be made possible with the help of an app - but work has only just begun. It is not yet possible to predict when exactly it will be possible to measure the rotation or speed of the balls hit in real time in normal club training. However, the Hofheim-based start-up is already working flat out on the digital future of our sport. The revolution can come.


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